dimanche 2 août 2015

Embarquez vite sur diigo pour tout noter en rafales

  My LibraryMy OutlinersMy Groups Discover  Go Premium    Browser Add-ons Bookmarklets (no installation, just drag-and-drop, available for all browsers) Diigolet, bookmark, highlight, sticky note, share. Recommended for new usersWeb Highlighter for iPad Safari, bookmark, highlight, sticky note, share.Simple Bookmarklet, nothing but bookmark.Read Later, mark a link to read later, and close the tab. Extensions/Web Apps (easy installation) Diigo Extension, best for power users, avaliable on Chrome(Recommended), IE, FirefoxAwesome Screenshot, available on Chrome,Firefox, SafariQuick Note, available on ChromeRead Later Fast, available on Chrome Mobile and Desktop Apps Diigo Browser for iOS. Bookmark to Diigo with annotation and offline reading.Diigo for Android, access my library and add notes.Quick Note on Mac, take quick note on Mac. Web Services Save by Email, save links and notes by email.Import bookmarks, from browser, from Delicious, Pinboard.Export your library.Export your annotated PDF files.Diigo APIPublish to Blog, publish annotations as blog posts easily.Tagrolls, show your tag cloud on blog.Enhanced Linkrolls, show your bookmarks and annotations on blog."Add to Diigo" WidgetSave to delicious, automatically cross-post to your delicious account.Auto blog post, automatically post your bookmarks to blog, weekly or daily.Save Favorite Tweets, automatically save your favorite tweets to Diigo.

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