jeudi 11 février 2016

The free builder for creating appli to index on

How to create your first free appli shareware

Customize sections and design

From 'Sections' create and manage sections of the app. Choose colors for each section or select a global style on 'General info'. You can also select the menu type.

Put the app on your website or blog

If you have a website, give to it added value by putting a link to your app. From the section 'Download app' you can get the link to put on your website.

Take advantage of sending messages(notifications)

From 'Send messages' you can send messages directly to devices of all your users. This allows you to send news, promotions, etc.. immediately.

Publish your app on Google Play

To obtain a high number of users, once your app is complete, publish it on Google Play.

Tips for sharing your application
 · Use the social plugins for Facebook, Twitter and Google that are on this page to share your app.
 · You can also send the page address:
 · If you have a website put a link to this page to show the app to your users.
   (These tips will not appear to people who visit this page)

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